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The FAST Plan for Tax Reform

Although nearly everyone involved with our federal taxation system agrees that simplification of this system is a positive and even necessary step, achieving it has proven to be difficult. Exploring the issue from start to finish, this detailed blueprint to tax reform offers real solutions to the real problems of our taxation system.

Author Donald E. Phillipson, a lawyer who has studied the tax code for years, reveals facts about deficit spending and the national debt and examines alternative taxation approaches. He explores problems with current tax subsidies and individual income, corporation income, and estate taxes and presents new solutions to those problems. Phillipson also offers new perspectives on the total federal tax obligations of individuals and relationships among taxes on individual income, corporation income, and estates and gifts.

Our taxation system desperately needs reform that takes into account the function of the system as a whole. This study demonstrates that such reform is possible and that taxes can be fair, accountable, and simple—without the creation of new tax collection structures.